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                                     TO THE SERVICE OF

                   THE STORY

At Nineteen Eleven Films, we are proud to provide thoughful directing, creative storytelling and outstanding cinematography for companies, bands, advertising agencies around the world.


We specialize in high-end cinematic pictures. From the birth of a concept, the creation of a story, production and post-production, we are fueled by the passion of the craft. 


Nineteen Eleven Films includes among its team creative writers, directors, cinematographers, sound engineers, editors and colorists. We thrive to offer the very best to our clients, rather we are creating a brand film, short film, music video, commercial, promotional video, corporate video, concert recording or in studio session.

FROM the

   CONCEPTION of an idea 

          TO the DELIVERY of a film  

Nineteen Eleven Films' mission is to provide the best crew and cutting edge technology. We thrive to deliver the best quality and acute attention put to every detail of our productions.


We take pride in handling each production from a to z  which gives us a perfect collaboration with our clients.

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